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Live Events (Functional Live Wallpaper) - Android App


Live Events

Set reminders through a wallpaper.


Duration: Fall Semester 2014 | Role: Designer & Prototype Developer


We came up with an idea to create a task management app in Android coursework. Although, developing an app for this coursework was a requirement, but it didn't serve the uniqueness of what our idea had to offer. Therefore, we decided to come up with a functional live wallpaper which was one of the prominent features in Android OS in 2014.


  • Offer users a product to manage their daily tasks and set reminders.

  • To reduce the number of clicks to view the task-list.

  • To integrate the product contents (task-list) on the home screen of the device without the use of widgets.

  • A seamless way to view the task-list on the home screen of the device even when the device is locked.

  • Personalization.


We had no prior experience in Android and had to research and implement the solution within a month. We were offered Aakash tablets (a.k.a. Ubislate 7+, is an Android-based tablet computer promoted by the Government of India as part of an initiative to link 25,000 colleges and 400 universities in an e-learning program) to implement our solution.



GitHub Repository

Download APK

design & development

We came up with a proposal in the form of modules for each screens. The module describes the screen sketches along with the description, purpose and implementation details of the screen components.

The product utilizes Android canvas, wherein the components (text, colors, time) are rendered by the alpha values. The reminder feature for the task-list offers feedback to the users in the following three modalities:

  • Visual: The task due is indicated with the double arrows indicator.

  • Haptic: The device alerts the user through vibration.

  • Audio: An audio alert sets off when the task is due.

This experimentation offers a unique way to interact with the product through wallpaper interface without the need to use a traditional app-based interface what Android offers. In return it offers a seamless way to view the task-list on the home screen of the device even when the device is locked.


Eclipse IDE, Android device (Aakash tablet - Ubislate 7+, Sony Xperia P).


This project was a two-person based team effort.

The team had following contributions:

Anup Menon (Researcher & Writer): Conducted research and documented the project report.

Abhinit Parelkar (Researcher, Designer & Developer): Conducted research and developed the functional live wallpaper.


The metrics I registered:

  • This was not a polished execution of the product.

  • We would rather call it as an experimentation because this product lacked the fidelity of what a fully-functional software offers.

  • Testing out this product on multiple devices was a challenge because we encountered rendering issues on the tablet in the landscape mode.

Did it go live?:

  • Yes. We deployed our product on various Android devices (Sony Xperia P, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Phablet, and Aakash tablet.). However, we were unable to incorporate a color selector wheel, importing photos for wallpaper, and adding gestures for the functionality as we proposed. Also, it wasn't published on to Google Play Store.



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