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Student Innovation Contest

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ComEd's Student Innovation Contest - Design Competition

Duration: December 2017

The problem:

Help design a web dashboard or app for solar users - Ideation phase (I). 

"Solar customers do not have a simple, all-in-one, way to see their solar energy production and how it directly affects their energy consumption and monthly bill. 

Current solar adopters use multiple third-party services to view relevant account information, track credits, and see accurate performance data for their rooftop solar systems. They are left to consolidate this information on their own to try to learn the value of their investment. We believe solar adoption would increase and the user experience would be dramatically improved if we address this problem." - ComEd an Exelon Company.


I had a time limit of one month to ideate the dashboard. I preferred using traditional tool (sketchbook and stationery) to sketch ideas.



I studied the information visualization articles from Nielsen Norman group to come up with effective dashboard design. The dashboard design ideation is based on accessibility and human factors guidelines.

The information is visualized in the following:

  • Bar graphs
  • Line graphs
  • Fusion of bar & line graph
  • Comparison tables

The design incorporates accessibility for diverse users.

For the detailed report: Click here

For the leaderboard access: Click here

Technology used: 

Stationery, and Adobe XD - To incorporate sketches in to the digital art boards.

Learned Lesson(s):

The dashboard design failed to proceed in the implementation phase (II).

  • The deliverable of the artifact in the form of an interactive prototype incorporating the information architecture of the dashboard screens would have been more prominent.
  • On top of that, I violated few Kosslyn's principles for graph design.



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