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Logo Design Project

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Logo Design (Monogram)

The problem:

To come up with a corporate identity for your personal brand. An extension of your personality and design ethos through your logo and brand elements. 


I had five weeks to come up with a corporate identity (logo, business card, portfolio) of my own, although I began working on my logo seven months prior the academic project commencement.



An inspiration was much needed to ingrain the core values and my passion for design. I dream to possess a celebrated name in the design industry. 

I went though the story of individual brands who established their companies with a dream and passion. I drew the sketches of their logos (including colors). 

The reason I chose RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is that RGB is the foundation for the millions of colors produced. Based on this fact, my philosophy is to solve infinite problems (irrespective of their dimensions - 2D and 3D) based on my skillset in research, prototyping, and user experience design (representing the colors).

I conducted a user test on my logo on social media (Facebook, and Instagram) to get the perspective of people about what they could see in this logo (the legibility of my monogram and its contrast ratio).  I was intrigued by the responses I received and thus decided to go further with my design because it worked!

Getting a perspective from others was important because a corporate identity is designed for others (clients and customers) to remember your service, values and quality. The logo was later refined to maintain simplicity (by removing the unnecessary elements). 

You must be wondering the back stroke (colored dark-grey) between a letter "a" and "p", right? The back stroke represents my middle name initial letter "N" which forms a visual connection between the two set of elements used for "a" and "p". This composition utilizes Gestalt's principle of Closure.

Technology used: 

Sketchbook/Pencil/Fine liners (Fabriano, Lamy, Uni-ball), Adobe Illustrator. 

Learned Lesson(s):

It was a challenge to convey your ethos via a corporate identity. A logo shouldn't solely depend on the color but also on its form.
Paul Rand’s quote: “A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.”



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