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Can Label Project

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Can Labeling (Packaging Design)  

The problem:

To design a can label for the food brand (should be fictional). The deliverable must be in digital and print (labeled to the can). 


I had a time constraint of one week.



The package design delivers the following experiences:

  • Enticement through humor by incorporating "7 Sins" - Steps to relish the product.
  • Responsive Logo - The use of logotype letter "P" in the confined space next to the barcode.
  • Reusing the logotype in the form of swirl - Reusing branding elements.
  • Incorporating values through the use of Braille script - Customers who are blind are not left out. The use of Braille script makes the customers who are blind easy to read and recognize the brand and its product "Whiskey Bites".

Technology used: 

Sketchbook/Pencil, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop. 

Learned Lesson(s):

My first project in the academic degree (MS HCI). It was a learning experience for me to transition the digital design into a print (at this level of fidelity).



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