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 Abhinit's portrait.

Abhinit's portrait.


I'm a design enthusiast pursuing M.S. Human-Computer Interaction program from DePaul University. At present, I'm serving as a graduate student ambassador of HCI program and as a graduate assistant at Idea Realization Lab. 

The aspect of a designer to have an ability to bring a change by improving the users' lifestyle is the reason why I'm pursuing my career in design (influenced by Dieter Rams). I have a passion for Design Research, User Experience/Interaction & Product Design.

Thinking about the environment in which a product would be used by its users, in other words, stepping into users’ shoes – the way a user would use the product/service in the wild are the thoughts that motivate me for the user-centric and iterative design process.

My openness to solving problems of products irrespective of their dimensions (either 2D or 3D) through a design process is what that drives me. A design for all approach is the key to make a product successful.

I relish in empathizing users' pain points to design a meaningful experience.


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